It is the plant of titanium dioxide manufacturer, Panzhihua Xingzhong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., with a capacity of 50kt/a anatase and rutile tio2…

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We do everything from R&D to production and sales of TITANIUM DIOXIDE. Using science, creativity and business ingenuity,
Xingzhong Titanium can help you develop better products to give your company the competitive edge.

Uncoated Rutile

Our most featured product, regarded as benchmark in China.


Regarded as the best quality anatase of China origin.


Titanium Dioxide is more than just a white pigment.


The way you have surface coated rutile with your own brand name.

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About Us

As a China manufacturer of titanium dioxide, Panzhihua Xingzhong Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Panzhihua Vanadium & Titanium High-tech Industrial Park, Sichuan Province. Established in 2003, it covers an area of 27 acres and total assets is more than 50 million in USD. Now the company has an annual production capacity of 50,000t/a titanium dioxide including rutile, anatase and photocatalyst grade…

  • The China's first manufacturer of uncoated rutile titanium dioxide
  • The China's pioneer in R&D and manufacturing photocatalyst tio2

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The group of our partners consists of both suppliers and clients. We always aim for long-lasting relationships in which both partners and us can operate as successfully as possible…